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Basic specifications

  • - 8 items of variety
  • - Energy efficiency class А+
  • - Bridgelux LEDs
  • - Luminous efficiency ≥120lm/1W
  • - Aluminum body
  • - Service life of 25,000 hours
  • - 2-year guarantee
  • - 160° illumination angle
  • - White and yellow light
  • - Degree of protection IP 65

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Bridgelux LEDs

One of the main LED lamp components is the High Glass light-emitting diodes by Bridgelux, an American company which has been a leading LED lighting manufacturer since 2008. The High Glass optics evenly and effectively distribute light fluxes.

  Lighting with DRL lamps    Lighting with LED lamps

Bright city lights

In addition to its energy-saving properties, LED lighting gives warm, white and yellow light which is most similar to the sunlight.


With luminous efficiency of 13,800 lumens, a DRL lamp (mercury arc lamp) consumes 250 watts, and a LED lamp only 120 watts, which makes LED lamps more efficient and the LED technology does not do any damage to the environment.

City lights

Street LED lamps are designed for purposes connected with general lighting. Regardless of high cost at first sight, street LED lamps, due to their low energy consumption and absence of operation costs, have a short payback period (on average, 2-3 years), which together with its over long service life make these lamps a very prospective and good investment both for large industrial enterprises, commercial and state organizations, and for the private sector.

25 000

work hours

Long service life

Street LED lamps by Akfa Lighting are designed for use at temperatures from -40 to +50°C. The service life of 25,000 hours will help to avoid problems connected with replacement of lamps, to cut down expenses and to save electric power for many years.

Degree of protection IP 65

Ingress Protection Rating is the international system that classifies the degrees of protection provided against intrusion of solid objects and water in electrical enclosures according to the IEC 60529 international standard. LED lamps by AKFA Lighting have the degree of protection IP 65, which guarantees reliable protection of electric equipment against intrusion of dust, water and other objects.