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Basic specifications

  • - Pendant lights by individual
  •    order, sizes from 60cm to 200cm
  • - Energy efficiency class А+
  • - Luminous efficiency ≥90lm/1W
  • - Body made of anodized aluminum
  • - Service life of 25,000 hours
  • - 1-year guarantee

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Economy and ecology

Usually, high brightness means high energy consumption. However, energy-saving lamps by Akfa Lighting radiate bright light and save electric power at the same time, which considerably cuts down your expenses.

This lamp consumes electric power by 80% less than traditional light sources and allows you to cut down your expenses for electricity and reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Universal design

The lamp longitudinal design and neutral covering of anodized aluminum allows you to install such lamps in different kinds of rooms. Supermarkets, boutiques, shopping centers, cafes and restaurants are those places which pendant LED lampsare designed for.

Commercial lighting

The functional pendant LED lamp is intended for general floodlighting. It is characterized by high functionality and quality. Its even luminescence, without any pulsating light fluxes, allows you to create a comfortable light atmosphere. Its compact sizes and unique constructive solution give more opportunities for original lighting projects.

25 000

work hours

Long service life

Pendant LED lamps by Akfa Lighting are designed for long service life. Due to their service life of 25,000 hours, you will be able to avoid problems connected with replacement of lamps, to cut down expenses and save electric power for many years.

Body made of anodized aluminum

Aluminum anodizing is the most effective way of protecting a profile surface against corrosion as it excludes any covering peeling and sub-film corrosion. In addition, aluminum anodizing gives additional esthetic properties and respectable appearance to products.