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Production of compact luminescent lamps

Compact luminescent lamps (CLL) are a modern line of full cycle: manufacturing process covers all stages: from processing of raw materials to making and packing. It helps to considerably save expenses and reduce prime cost of lamps.

In AKFA Lighting, CLLs are produced on modern and high-end equipment from foreign manufactures, which allows producing 6,240,000 units per year.

For the moment, the range of AKFA Lighting CLLs is 44 items, among them lamps of 9W, 11W, 15W, 20W, 25W, 32W, 36W, 45W, 65W, 85W with caps E14/E27/E40. Also, lamps have two color ranges: 2700K (yellow light) and 6500K (white light). The lamps are produced both in Full Spiral and Half Spiral shapes.

The CLL sector staff consists of 240 workers: assemblers, controllers, technologists who like their job and are committed to our common goal.


Production of compact LED lamps

One of the main LED lamp components is the High Glass light-emitting diodes by Bridgelux, an American company which has been a leading LED lighting manufacturer since 2008.

The production line is equipped with modern equipment for manufacturing high quality and competitive products. Enclosures and covers of lamps are made by means of the Haitian injection-moulding machines and after final assembly lamps undergo a mandatory quality control, and some samples are taken for testing under maximum loads.

The LED lamp range includes 20 items, and manufacturing capacity accounts for 4,680,000 products per year, which fully satisfies consumers' wide demands.


Production of street LED lamps and industrial lamps

A particular highlight of this direction is the line on production of enclosures for street LED lamps and industrial lamps. The enclosures are made by a high pressure casting method, on the casting islands of IDRA, a leading Italian producer, with use of the ABB company's anthropomorphic robot.

The enclosures are painted on professional equipment, by way of powder painting, with subsequent polymerization in furnaces.

Street LED lamps have the Bridgelux High glass light-emitting diodes installed in them, the LEDs are designed for using in the street and withstanding temperature rises from -40 °C to +50 °C. In industrial lamps, light-emitting diodes made by Epistar, a world LED manufacturer and expert, are used.

Lamps are assembled manually, taking into account all technical requirements with regard to IP 65 (link to Wikipedia).

Production of LED panels

By developing LED technologies, AKFA Lighting started to produce LED panels which are widely used for offices and public places all over the world.

With a wide experience in LED technologies, observing a high level of reliability of products and using only high-quality components, among which Sapphire's light-emitting diodes and Mitsubishi-ChiMei diffusers, the production line managed in short terms to produce LED panels according to the TFT technology.