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Basic specifications

  • - 39 items
  • - Energy efficiency class “А”
  • - Amalgam technology
  • - Service life of 8,000 hours
  • - White and yellow light
  • - Half spiral and full spiral shape

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Economy and ecology

Usually, high brightness means high energy consumption. However, energy-saving lamps by Akfa Lighting radiate bright light and save electric power at the same time, which considerably cuts down your expenses.

This lamp consumes electric power by 80% less than traditional light sources and allows you to cut down your expenses for electricity and reduce negative impacts on the environment..


Energy-saving lamps by Akfa Lighting radiate warm, soft and eye-pleasing light which allows you to create a comfortable atmosphere. Your economy is now comfortable.

High brightness and deep colors

Luminescent lamps by Akfa Lighting provide high brightness and allow you to renew colors in your interior. Due to their compact design, these spiral-shaped lamps can be installed in any place, and their low level of energy consumption will allow you to cut down expenses and save electric power for a long period of time.


work hours

Long service life

Luminescent lamps by Akfa Lighting are designed for long service life. Due to their service life of 8,000 hours, you will be able to avoid problems connected with replacement of lamps, to cut down expenses and save electric power for many years.


This is a totally different way of mercurating, namely: mercury is introduced not in its pure form, but in the form of alloy with metals (In, Cd, Bi), ), in order to maintain constant pressure of mercury vapors in the burner, that is why energy-saving lamps emit a constant light flux within a wide range of temperatures, more than 90% of luminous efficiency from -15 to +60 C. Also, the amalgam technology allows you to reduce an amount of mercury in the lamp, and all energy-saving lamps by Akfa Lighting contain less than 2 mg, which is the lowest indicator possible in energy-saving lamps.