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Basic specifications

  • - 4 items
  • - Energy efficiency class А+
  • - Luminous efficiency ≥90lm/1W
  • - Acrylic matrix “Mitsubishi-Chimei”
  • - Laser notches
  • - Body made of anodized aluminum
  • - Service life of 25,000 hours
  • - 160° illumination angle
  • - White light
  • - Degree of protection IP 40

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With luminous efficiency of 3,780 lumens, a grille lamp consumes 72 watts and a LED panel only 42 watts, which makes LED panels more efficient.

Body made of anodized aluminum

Aluminum anodizing is the most effective way of protecting a profile surface against corrosion as it excludes any covering peeling and sub-film corrosion. In addition, aluminum anodizing gives additional esthetic properties and respectable appearance to products.

Forhome and office

The panel thickness is of 10 mm and its design simplicity allows you to apply it both in your working space and in your living area. After choosing a suitable temperature of light, you will be able to revive your room with pleasant yellow or white light.

25 000

work hours

Long service life

LED panels by Akfa Lighting are designed for long service life. Due to their service life of 25,000 hours, you will be able to avoid problems connected with replacement of panels, to cut down expenses and save electric power for many years.

Acrylic matrix “Mitsubishi-Chimei”

Mitsubishi-Chimei has a 10-year experience in producing acrylic optical matrices. These matrices with laser notches do not turn yellow and evenly distribute light from the edges where LEDs are located to the center, with no dark stains left.