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Basic specifications

  • - 20 items
  • - Energy efficiency class А+
  • - Luminous efficiency ≥80lm/1W
  • - Service life of 30,000 hours
  • - White and yellow light
  • - 160° illumination angle

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30 000

work hours

New level of economy

The service life of LED lamps manufactured by Akfa Lighting is 30,000 hours, which is longer by 30 times as compared with incandescent lamps, and by 3.5 times as compared with luminescent lamps. As far as luminosity is concerned, one LED lamp of 9W will replace one incandescent lamp of 60W.Such incredibly low energy consumption together with long service life make LED lamps an exclusive instrument of economy from the first day of use.


LED lamps by Akfa Lighting provide high brightness immediately after switching on as they do not contain chemical compounds which require a period of time for heating as in case of luminescent lamps.

Closer to the sun

LED lamps by Akfa Lighting radiate incredibly pleasant, warm and white light which is most similar to the sunlight. Your room filled with the light of LED lamps is characterized by exclusive comfort and creates a cozy atmosphere.

Bridgelux LEDs

One of the main LED lamp components is light-emitting diodes by Bridgelux, an American company which has been a leading LED lighting manufacturer since 2008.

Light of the future here and now

Today, LED technologies have already firmly established themselves in our life due to their energy-saving characteristics and durability. Now, it is so difficult to find a modern room where they do not use light-emitting diodes. So, LEDs are used in TVs (power lamps), in switches equipped with indicator lamps, in cars (dashboards).