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Basic specifications

  • - 8 items
  • - Energy efficiency class А+
  • - Epistar LEDs
  • - Luminous efficiency ≥110lm/1W
  • - Aluminum body
  • - 160° illumination angle
  • - White and yellow light
  • - Service life of 50,000 hours
  • - 2-year guarantee
  • - Degree of protection IP 44

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50 000

work hours

New level of economy

The service life of industrial LED lamps by Akfa Lighting is 50,000 hours, which is longer by 5 times as compared with mercury arc lamps. With luminous efficiency of 13,800 lumens, a mercury arc lamp consumes 250 watts and a LED lamp only 120 watts, which makes LED lamps more efficient. Such incredibly low energy consumption together with long service life make LED lamps an exclusive instrument of economy from the first day of use.


Made in the form of a cone with aluminum radiator, the Akfa Lighting lamps have the appearance of modern lighting fixture of new generation.

Industrial light

Providing industrial facilities with LED lamps by Akfa Lighting gives the opportunity of huge savings, which will considerably reduce lighting costs. Non-glimmering and bright light will create an absolutely different atmosphere and will help to look at your room in another way.

Epistar LEDs

The Epistar company started business in 1996, i.e. the year of its foundation. It is specialized in manufacturing light-emitting diodes of high brightness, of compact dimensions and long service life. Epistar's high-brightness LEDs are used in many spheres, namely: automobile lighting engineering, exterior and interior lighting, office lighting, industrial lighting, using for indicator lighting of electronic equipment, etc.