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All products manufactured under the AKFA Lighting trademark are covered by guarantees, depending on types of such products:


- Compact luminescent lamps        - 15 months 
- Compact LED lamps                       - 24 months
- LED panels                                       - 12 months

- Street LED lamps                             - 24 months

- Industrial LED lamps                       - 24 months

- Pendant LED lamps                         - 24 months


When buying our products, a guarantee certificate should be completed and kept in order to render guarantee services to you.


Guarantees cover such cases as replacement or restoration of equipment with observance of all conditions associated with transportation, storage, installation and operation.


The following cases are not covered by our guarantees:

·    products are used for purposes other than intended;

·    operation conditions are not met;

·    a product has mechanical defects or damages arisen as a result of wrong connection of devices;

·    a product has traces of independent assembly and disassembly carried out by the buyer or the other person;

·    a product is damaged by intrusion of foreign objects, insects, liquids and other things.