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To know, how much you win from choosing contemporary power-saving «AKFA Lighting» lamps, let’s calculate their benefit on a real example.

Lamp Type Power-savingCommon
Power 7 W W
Number of lamps at home
Lamp working time per 24
1 kW/h Cost sums
Power consumption per hours
Power cost per hours
Lamp cost sums sums
Economy per 1 year ( hours):

Let’s assume that you have 10 glow lamps with the power of 100 Watts working in your apartment. They are lit for approximately 6 hours a day. The cost of 1 kW is 86.3 sums. We will take 1 year as a reporting period.

(10 lamps х 100 Watt х 6 hours х 365 days): 1000 (converting watt to kilowatts) = 2190 kW.
The quantity of consumed kilowatts, 2190, is multiplied by the tariff rate of 86.3 sums = 183 084 sums.
It turns out that the family budget annual expenditures are 183 084 sumsfor the light of lamps only!

If we multiply the same figures for power-saving lamps, we will have the following:
(10 lamps х 20 Watt х 6 hours х 365 days): 1000 (converting watts to kilowatts) = 438.00 kW.
The quantity of consumed kilowatts, 438, is multiplied by the tariff rate of 86.3 sums = 36 616.8 sums.

36 616.8 sums against 183 084 sums! That means, replacing the lamps in your home by the modern power-saving «AKFA Lighting» light sources, you will save 146 467.2 sums only in one year !

Now let’s calculate the family budget expenditure, taking into account the cost of the lamps. While calculating the real economy, we will consider that the life period of a power-saving lamp is 8 times longer, than the life period of a common glow lamp. For example, the cost of a common lamp is 1000 sums, and of the power-saving one – 6500 sums.

(1000-6500/8) х 10 + (183 084 - 36 616.8) = 1875 + 146 467.2 = 148 342.2 sums

Totally, the overall economy from choosing the power-saving «AKFA Lighting» lamps is 148 342.2 sums! Think about what you could spend this money on ?