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About us

2010 for the AKFA group of companies became the year of foundation of the AKFA Lighting plant intended for production of energy-saving lamps. The decision on creation of the production plant was made to fully satisfy consumers' demands for durable and reliable light sources.

Production processes were started with involvement of qualified specialists and use of modern equipment, which allowed making durable, energy-saving lamps which are highly competitive with world analogues.

Since 2014, production processes have been oriented in developing LED technologies. So, for the time being, the AKFA Lighting plant is producing modern light sources, including: compact luminescent lamps, compact LED lamps, LED panels, street LED lamps and industrial LED lamps.

The AKFA Lighting production sector is equipped with a modern research laboratory which works on improvement of product characteristics, controls quality of products, selects samples and tests them.

Caring for the environment is a great value of the AKFA group of companies. So, in 2012, a shop on processing of used luminescent lamps both for its own production line and for third-party producers was founded, some of the lamps which contain liquid mercury. Also, luminescent lamps by AKFA Lighting are made with use of the Amalgam and contain no liquid mercury, which is a big step towards caring for the environment.

Permanent work over improvement of quality of manufactured products, introduction of new technologies and observance of world lighting tendencies make the AKFA Lighting plant an up-to-date enterprise specialized in producing lamps.